Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Musings - June 29, 2015

Buck Showalter Garden Gnome
1. It is the last Monday in June. The transition month is almost complete with July poised to assume its rightful place.

2. The Orioles ascended to the top of the American League East Division over the weekend. During early June they were 5 and a half games out of first and now they possess first place by percentage points. I'm not cheering too loudly, however, four teams are bunched at the top of the division separated by one game.

3. Garden gnomes, who would have thought so many people would get excited about getting a garden gnome made in the image of the Orioles' manager.

Turtles at Timbers
4. I was amazed yesterday, on the 12 hole of Timbers at Troy golf course to see two turtles. I won't tell what I think they were doing when before I could get my camera ready to image them.

5. Trouble in space? There have been three major failures, two of them American, during the past few months in trying to resupply the International Space Station. Perhaps the idea of commercializing space is still a dream and not a reality?

Pre-game Shopping
6. I am glad they finally captured the second prison escapee in Upstate New York. People can finally sleep well again. I was reminded of how secure people live in that area when on a news report one resident was quoted as saying they had to start locking their doors.

7. How small the world has become. The Greek financial crisis is affecting all of us.

8. Don't forget ISIL. Their forces recently murdered about 150 civilians in a Syrian town.

9. What do you do before a baseball game? Shop, of course! 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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