Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Unrest, Anger and Baltimore Burns

It pained me to see my home city of Baltimore figure so prominently in the news during the past few days. 

It obviously was not for something good and it has become almost a media circus not unlike a feeding frenzy.

I am saddened for the good people of the region that are being held hostage and viewed in a bad light by a few thugs who have taken a valid and important point and protest and moved it into the theater of the absurd.

A man, Freddie Gray, is dead. Riots and vandalism do nothing to bring the people who killed him to justice and they further do nothing to promote increased awareness of the causes for which the peaceful marches were held. I was encouraged that his family called for peace and also noted that the violence tarnishes the memory of their son and brother.

I watched CNN most of last evening in total disbelief that the city that I most closely associate with my home with was being held hostage by violence for the sake of violence. I was appalled that one of the targets of the violence was a newly constructed senior center--which was constructed by a church to serve the people of Baltimore. 

I was appalled that the Mayor of Baltimore failed to act proactively.  I was, however, encouraged that the newly elected Governor was ready to respond within seconds of the request for help to stem the violence with the National Guard.

I believe there is a problem that needs to be investigated and reviewed, but it cannot be accomplished amid the destruction and unrest of the moment. 

Pray for peace. Work for healing and help rebuild the damaged areas.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Denver, Colorado

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