Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sounds in the Middle of the Night

One of the joys of the Springtime is sleeping with the windows open allowing the air conditioning to be off and fresh air, with pollen, to fill the room. 

Fortunately my allergies are fairly well under control this year and I can actually enjoy the fresh air, but there are sounds that happen during then night which disturb my sleep and cause me to be cranky in the morning.

For instance, last night it was the sound of a screaming fox, probably a vixen, walking up the driveway right below my window. Of course, Makayla had to alert me that there was commotion outside and begin barking which caused the cats to stir and become agitated. It takes time to go back to sleep and get everyone settled after the offending animal has departed the area.

Of course there are other sounds which can disturb the house in there middle of the night as well and which are enhanced by sleeping with the windows open. 

Sirens on the interstate. 

Planes taking off on the little used runway which seems to fly directly over my house.

Thunderstorms--like the one last night that followed the fox incident.

Of course, the sound of the cat spitting up a hair ball is especially bothersome and occurs whether the window is open or not.

Maybe tonight it will be quieter.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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