Friday, April 3, 2015

Temperature Rising--Baseball is Coming

First Crocus of 2015
I awoke this morning to temperatures in the 60's.

Phenomenal! Just a few short weeks ago, I woke up to 6 degrees on March 7th! A 50-plus degree difference in less than a month!

April is making good on its promise! Warmer temperatures and, of course, rain! Today is supposed to be a washout.

I'll take it. It is better than snow.

I am beginning to plan the pool opening for late in the month. I need to get the cover off the pool so that I can believe that warmer temperatures are coming--soon.

The Orioles home opener is just a week away now--and although temperatures are forecast for the 70's--April showers are also included in the plan for the day.

I am sure that even a bit of rain will not deter Orioles fans from flocking to the home opener to cheer on the AL East Champs as they seek to repeat as division champs and improve on their 2014 performance. Excitement abounds. It is too bad that three games will already be in the books before the birds make their initial appearance of the season in Baltimore. 

Spring is truly here and as the MLB teams break their Spring Training camps to head north--baseball is in the air and the sports of winter are beginning to wind down to make room for the Boys of Summer.  I have my tickets in hand and am ready!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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