Thursday, April 2, 2015

What a difference three-hours make

Crossing the Route 11 Bridge
Northumberland, PA
April 1, 2015
I drove north yesterday and was amazed at how different the weather was just a short three-hours away.

I found snow and cold--although the temperature was 43 degrees, there was snow on the ground, a lot of it.

It was amazing how the snow began appearing in the hidden places as I drove further north towards Williamsport, PA--home of the Little League World Series. By the time I arrived there, snow was on the ground and on the houses. It was melting--but there was an abundance of the white stuff everywhere.

I snapped a quick image of the snow on the hill about an hour south of Williamsport, while stuck in traffic on the Northumberland US 11 bridge crossing the Susquehanna River. I was happy to see that the tattered American flags had been removed from the bridge. I wrote about them last November when I drove north in my blog titled, Travel, sunset, flags, and pizza

It was demoralizing to see so much snow while I am plotting to mow my lawn for the first time probably within a week if the temperatures remain above freezing at night!

Spring is coming! The daffodils are blossoming and my bleeding hearts are gaining height every day. Still, I am too far north. I long to be in a place where palm trees grow and the ocean waves crash against the shore.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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