Saturday, April 11, 2015

Orioles Opening Day Let Down

Orioles home Opening Day
April 10, 2015
The crowds were gathered in anticipation of cheering their team onto victory on Home Opening Day. It was an awesome and orange sight. The faithful, numbering some 45,000, gathered and the teams were introduced. 

I was in the stands as part of the cheering throng. 

Despite the threat of thunderstorms, the game was played and the storms never materialized.

Everything was fantastic--right up until the game actually began, I got some great video of the opening day festivities and the singing of the national anthems. 

After that, it was apparent the the Orioles may not have fully arrived for the start of the game as they rapidly spotted the visiting Blue Jays to a four run lead in the top half of the first inning. 

The game quickly got out of control, and I have to admit some of the Orioles tried very hard to get back into the game--but the damage had been done early and the final score on a disappointing home opening day was 12-5. The Orioles did manage 13 hits and Adam Jones was 4-4, and three other Orioles were 2-4 on the day. The hits just did not come when they could produce runs in the same way that the Blue Jays hitters were able to generate 12 runs from their 16 hits. 

But it was fun to be back in Camden Yards and to enjoy the sights and sounds of baseball.

There are still 158 games to be played. IT is going to be a long and fun season.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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