Thursday, April 9, 2015

Orioles on the Move

The season is off to a great start. The Orioles have won their first series with some great pitching and timely batting. 

Someone joked after the first two wins that the Orioles were on track to win 162 games this season. 

That of course could not last as last evening's loss was a dose of reality. The season is very young and there is a long was to go--but the Orioles are fanning the flames of high hopes with the way they've begun.

The home opener is on Friday--and even with the foul weather forecast, I will be there with tens of thousands of other Orioles faithful. I'm really excited about the day and the game.

There is something fantastic about attending the first game of the season and participating in the festivities as the team is introduced to the surging home crowd for the first time. The greatest fans in baseball, they call the crowd--and we are!

I remember not too long ago when it was easy to get tickets and even extra tickets for opening day. This year, however, I know that there are season ticket holders who were not able to secure tickets for the game. My how the fortunes of the game have changed. 

Let's go O's.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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