Monday, January 26, 2015

Sunrise over Cuba

Mountains of Cuba at Sunrise
January 26, 2015
The cruise is plying the waters to the west of Cuba and this morning, the sunrise is fabulous over the mountains.

It is a beautiful start to another day at sea. Today is a sea day as we travel to Castaway Cay. Yesterday's stop in Grand Cayman was disappointing in that our snorkeling adventure was canceled due to high surf, and then our rescheduled adventure was similarly canceled. We did make our way to the famous, or infamous Seven Mile Beach for some fun in the surf until a ferocious storm appeared and we were smart enough to get back onto the ship just before it hit with its full fury.

The good news was that we also didn't do much shopping--read none. That is also bad news because Georgetown looks like a really interesting place to explore and we only scratched the surface.

I am writing this as the sun rises over the mountains of Cuba. I am fascinated with Cuba. Given the warming of international relations, I hope someday to be able to travel to Cuba. I have read the stories of how it was "the" place to be during the 1950's. I also guess a little of the I Love Lucy, Ricky Ricardo Cuban humor is still engrained in me, too.

The cruise has been fun. Chris and I keep reminding ourselves that it is about the journey and not the destination. Cruises are certainly all about the journey. I think everyone was looking forward to today's sea day because the cruise line makes it very special.

Jax enjoying the cruise
What have I learned so far? Food--cruises are all about food, shows and activities. There is a lot of food. I had intended to have two small pieces of pizza for lunch yesterday and wound up in a buffet overeating. Ugh!

I love the sea! Watching the waves never gets tiring. Looking our into the ocean appeals to my sense of adventure and I continue to be fascinated by the vastness of the Earth and God's creation. Sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming for the boys, but we work through it.

I am taking a break from Monday Musings since I am on the cruise and am I enjoying sitting on the veranda, overlooking the Caribbean Sea, seeing the mountains of Cuba in the distance, and not shoveling snow.

-- Bob Doan, writing from somewhere in the Caribbean Sea

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