Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Musings - January 5, 2015

Where one of my gold shots ended
On the ice
1. 2015 has been crazy. I played golf on Friday and yesterday the temperature rose to almost 60 degrees. The cold is coming, however.

2. Surprisingly, the Ravens won their playoff game. On to New England for the next round on Saturday. Congrats to the Cowboys, too who managed to succeed in the face of overwhelming adversity.

3. Chris and I visited two Maryland wineries on Saturday. Another great way to start the year--sampling wine and writing reviews.

4. Going back to work today after being on vacation for the past almost two weeks is going to be hard.
January Burgers on the BarBee

5. The weather was so warm yesterday that dinner was cooked on the grill. It was only burgers, but grilling in January and not having to wear a parka was the best part. 

6. I thought there were 12 days of Christmas beginning on Christmas Day! Seems not, because we have removed all of the Christmas decorations from our house. Perhaps the rainy but warm weather contributed to the decision to remove the holiday decorations.

7. I was shocked that during the television coverage of the New York City New Year's Eve celebration that I never really saw the ball drop. Was it just me, or did they forget to show it?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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