Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Another Weather Event

Image from the Previous Weather Event
Another winter weather event is crawling into the region to make me colder and to remind me that the calendar is still dominated by the dark days. 

I am remain amazed that the weather forecasters cannot seem to be accurate. Last evening the storm was either going to happen overnight, in the morning or during the evening rush. And the answer is? Evening rush hour! Ding, ding, ding! One to three inches of snow is expected do fall and cause incredible traffic problems.

Really? Can't they do better. This is not an afternoon thunderstorm that just pops up, it is a storm that has been building for over a week.
Makayla Loves the Snow

In the Baltimore area we call them weather events. In our family the only one who truly loves weather events is Makayla. She loves playing in the snow--for a few minutes until she gets cold.

I just need to be somewhere warm. Like Miami!  Or Key West. Somewhere the forecast is always for rain or sun--no snow or cold an d the temperature is 80 degrees on a cold day and 85 degrees on a hot day.

Out in my yard, even the squirrel was preparing for the weather event by crawling into the window box to gather the sunflower seeds that Chris placed there for the cardinals and other assorted birds that visit the feeders. 

What is it with squirrels? They seem to show up everywhere. I am not sure if they really appreciate weather events. 

I certainly do not appreciate the snow.

Perhaps I need a change of wintery scenery.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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