Friday, January 23, 2015

From Snow to Palm Trees--Out the Hotel Window, Miami

Out the Hotel Window
It is amazing how a simple change of scenery can  change my attitude. 

Me with Jax and Ethan
It happened yesterday as I flew to Miami to enjoy the sun and warmth. I was amazed that the breeze could feel cool even when the temperature was 79 degrees. But there were palm trees. And blue skies and warmth.

Miami is but a stop on the journey as boarding a cruise is the big event of today. But yesterday, the big event was swimming in the hotel pool in the afternoon light--outside. And no snow in sight.

Why? Because that is not happening in the Northeast. There is no outside swimming in a unless it is a polar bear plunge. But it was fun in the pool yesterday. Yes, the breeze was amazingly cool--but the water was warm and the mood was light.

Did I mention the palm trees? It felt good to switch from shoes and socks to sandals. 

-- Bob Doan, writing from Miami, Florida

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