Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Diverse Faces of September

The last day of the month has arrived. September 2014 is about to checkout and October is waiting to take its place.

As I reflected upon September, I realized that it was a very diverse  and busy month.

The month began, most fittingly, on the beach! It was my only trip to the beach during 2014. I enjoyed basking in the warmth and sun at Ocean City, Maryland. It was a rare month, because other than the Labor Day trip to Ocean City, I did not travel during the entire month. But, it was a full month, nonetheless.

From a sports perspective, I attended three Orioles, one Ravens football and four youth football games during the month. I also golfed on five occasions for a total of 63 holes. Just in the past couple of weeks, my 18 hole score dropped from 133 to 116. So instead of being horrible, I am just a terrible golfer. But I am having fun and I can't think of a better way to get 10,000 steps in a morning on my Fit Bit.  I have been playing racquetball regularly, too. I can't even begin to count the number of games I played during September.

As for the Orioles, I am poised to attend post-season baseball at Orioles Park at Camden Yards beginning this week--but that is October and I expect rain and cold as the weather changes from summer to autumnal.

Around the house, the pool is closed for the season, but the grass continues to grow and be mowed weekly. The family birthday season began and I am glad mine is the second in the series of eleven birthdays which do not end until April.

On successive days during the month, Chris and I found time to attend a fantastic wine dinner in Frederick and a show at the Hippodrome theater, which may be the worst venue in America for live performances. My review of the Hippodrome can be found at the link. 

I am sitting here looking out the window and it is dark outside. During September, the daylight begins to steadily disappear. Sunrise today is at 7:02 AM and it will set 11 hours and 49 minutes later at 6:51 PM. On September 1st, the times were very different, sunrise was at 6:35 AM and sunset at 7:37 PM for 13 hours and 2 minutes of sunlight.

September is the official end of summer and the beginning of autumn. I am embracing autumn--I really am! (trying). 

I know that the nice weather isn't over, it certainly won't be beach weather, but outdoor activities will continue. The outdoor activities will transition to leaf raking and preparing the yards for winter.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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