Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Three-pound Weekend

For our family, late September marks the beginning of the birthday season. Add in the holiday celebrations and the festivities are nearly endless. During the next six months nearly everyone in the family will celebrate their birthday, with only a few out layers.

While birthdays and celebrations are a lot of fun--there are pitfalls.

The "tail end charlie" for birthdays is Ethan, his special day is in April. It is hard to keep the same level of enthusiasm when celebrating the last of an overwhelming number of birthdays. It is almost, sadly, a relief when his birthday arrives and the celebrating eases. 

The real problem with our birthday celebrations, however, I rediscovered last weekend.  Once the celebrating was over, I was disturbed to find out that it had been a three-pound weekend. 

What is a three-pound weekend? It is the realization that the partying was a bit too intense and when I stepped on the scale at the gym on Monday morning after my racquetball match,  I was three pounds heavier than I was on Friday morning before the weekend..

Reflecting on the weekend's activities, I understood why. There was a lot of eating and partying. Three pounds worth! Fortunately, when I stepped on the scale at the gym last night after racquetball, the additional pounds had gone away--whew!

With all of the celebrating ahead, I don't need another three-pound weekend! The end result would be very bad for both my waistline and my budget as I would have to replace my wardrobe. 

Apparently, I will have to use better self-control to ensure my celebrating does not get out of hand and that I do not experience anymore three-pound weekends!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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