Friday, September 5, 2014

September Morning

Now that September has arrived, it seems that summer has decided it had been sleeping on the job. Isn't it funny how September is thought of as more autumn than summer even though it has more summer days?

The temperatures have been warmer--high 80's and even over or almost 90 degrees. Wow! What a change from the cold August nights.

Baseball is heating up as the season enters its final weeks and the hopes of Orioles fans are surging as our team apparently has regained its 1983 form. I am excited to already have post-season tickets to some of the games we hope to host with the prospect of buying more as the reality hopefully arrives.

The warmer temperatures have been welcome. I enjoy them and relish their persistence into next weeks and even until the end of the month. Some of the trees in my yard have already begun to lose their leaves which increases the amount of time I spend on pool maintenance. 

But the pool is warm. That written, my propane company called the other day to inform me that they no longer have a truck with a hose long enough to reach my propane tanks. How did that happen? So I need to pay to move my tanks. Maybe I'll change my propane company. Sadly, there is no natural gas in the neighborhood.

Every September morning that dawns with warm temperatures and the promise of a hot day is a great day. The cool/cold autumn days will be here too soon. And then winter.

Thanks September for giving us the warmth and taste of summer that was missing.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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