Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Five Days in September

Glasses in Waiting at my Place for the Wine Dinner
Life has been very busy since the middle of last week. Last evening was the final scheduled event of an extremely busy set that began Thursday evening at the Ravens game, continued Friday with an Orioles game, was planned to include fireworks for the Star Spangled Spectacular on Saturday, a visit to the theater on Sunday evening and closed out with friends in Frederick, Maryland, last evening for a Wine Dinner featuring wines from the Willamette Valley Vineyard. Check my wine blog Wine4YourLife for a review later of the wine dinner later in the week. 

Busy does not even begin to describe the past five days of events--and they were extremely diverse events.

Nine holes of golf and a youth football game were interspersed in that schedule as well.


And I my not be done yet! I am going to see about going to the Orioles game tonight because they can clinch the division with a win. They won't be the first team this season to clinch a playoff berth, but they would be the first to clinch a division this season. 

And the pace continues!

But, hey, it is what makes life full and interesting.

OK--I think I need a break to veggie out and watch a sappy movie or something. Oh, wait, the pool needs to be closed for the season.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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