Sunday, September 14, 2014

Disappointing Trip to a Golf Store

I made my first ever trip to a golf store yesterday after playing an afternoon round of golf.
Blue Angels over Baltimore

The golf was great--since there was rain and it was the afternoon, we had the course to ourselves. It was truly awesome. If only my game was nearly as awesome. 

During our golf outing, we were treated to a performance by the Blue Angels. I am very happy that they are on our side! The roar of the jets brought back very fond memories.

The truth is--I am not much of a golfer. Not much at all. I am still learning the game which is far more complex than I ever imagined it to be.

Even so, I was really disappointed in golf store. Frankly, I felt very discriminated against. 
More blue Angels

Yes, I really wrote that!

I am left handed and apparently, left handed people do not golf. I was looking at racks and racks of really expensive clubs--just because I was amazed at the prices, and then I noticed that there was not a single left handed club in the displays. In fact, I had to ask where the left handed clubs were displayed and was informed that they were in the corner along the wall. There was not nearly the selection that right handed people had. There were row after rows of clubs of all kinds and prices for right handed people. There were fewer than 15 different and much lesser clubs for lefties.

My question was, Why aren't the left handed clubs integrated into the displays with the right handed clubs? If I want to check out a really nice club by a well known maker, why do I have to go elsewhere in the store--which, by the way was as far from the fitting area as possible. And I also noticed that the areas used for swinging and fitting clubs were set for right handed people and did not appear easily configurable for lefties, like me.

Then I went looking for a glove--same story. Three aisles of gloves for right handed people. A small area of about 12 gloves for lefties.

What gives? 

The situation is just wrong!

The store was Golf Galaxy and from what I saw it was less of a galaxy and more of a sand box. 

Do golfers really that discriminate against lefties? Thank goodness that racquetball is a hand agnostic sport.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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