Thursday, September 4, 2014

Places not to Vacation in the world

Bonaire: Exotic Vacation Location
Vacations, especially international ones, are exciting but require planning.

Next year Chris and I  are thinking of heading off an exotic place to jointly celebrate birthdays and our anniversary. I was informed that Key West is not exotic!

But where to go? We thought of the Holy Land--but there is a scary war going on there. Nothing like vacationing on the front lines of a  conflict that has been in progress for millenniums. Probably not for us.

Then we thought of all of the other places currently embroiled in war and conflict: 

1. Ukraine-Russia, fortunately not one of our desired destinations. 

2. Syria-Iraq: Again, not on the vacation list

3. Afghanistan: Definitely not going there for a vacation. 

And there are a lot more. I ran across an interesting website: Wars in Progress which follows the strife around the world. The site lists 32 countries engaged in wars or armed conflict. Who knew that Uganda and Turkey were on the list?

An observation--with the exception of the United States being listed for the War on Terrorism, none of the countries listed were in the Western Hemisphere. I think someone must have missed the War on Drugs and the deaths associated with it in Mexico.

After looking at the list, some great destinations still remain free of war an conflict: Australia, Italy, Greece, the Caribbean, Belize, and Costa Rica. I have also heard the Croatia is nice this time of year. 

Well at least the list is narrowed. Now let the planning begin. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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