Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Arrives

October crept in overnight. For all of the Federal Workers that you know--wish them happy new year and happy continuing resolution.

The month of harvests, pumpkins, falling leaves, community gatherings, MLB post-season, and Halloween has arrived. The weather forecasts are already beginning to show the advance of cooler, if not downright cold, temperatures. 

I am embracing October with my new found situational enthusiasm! Secretly, I know it is one month closer to pool opening season, currently planned for Saturday,  May 2nd, 214 days away--but hey, whose counting? (Yes, I have the day planned out already--subject to weather)

October is also home to Columbus Day--a holiday and we get to enjoy that day in two weeks. 

I admit, I am looking forward to traipsing through a corn field maze, drinking apple cider, munching on a crisp newly picked apple, and watching the leaves don their brilliance before checking out from the trees and becoming something to be removed from my yard.

But better than all of that? Since you can't have October without the O, the Orioles are in the MLB post-season and the first game is tomorrow night. It is the baseball post-season and the O's are still playing.

OK October, bring it on.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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