Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Springtime Fragrances on the Wind--An Allergist success Story

A few weeks ago I was suffering through one of the most ferocious allergy attacks that I have ever had. I was a mess for more than two weeks and the prospect of being outdoors was not something I looked forward to for long periods of time.

That, thankfully, has changed.

I am over the springtime attack and am enjoying the fragrances on the breeze.

Black locust is one that is fully in bloom right now and also one of my favorites. I smelled the sweet fragrance before I even realize that the trees around my house were fully in bloom. I love those trees because they remind me of my childhood where our house was surrounded by these tall trees. And then there is honeysuckle which I also noticed yesterday along with the smell of fresh mowed grass which portends the arrival of summertime.

The world is alive with smells--many of them sweet and appealing, but some, not so.

And I am enjoying them this year, again.

-- Bob Doan, Ellridge, MD

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