Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Wood Floors--Almost

The MBR is Finished
It is amazing how seemingly small things can take a real long time to get right.

For instance, on the floor project, Fran and I spent about 4 hours ensuring the top stair would integrate into the flooring in the best possible manner.

And then it seemed that we worked around the edges of the room for seemingly hours. We started in earnest on Saturday at 9AM, but did not lay the first piece of flooring until 2PM because we were trying to ensure that the line being used to connect the study, hall, and master bedroom was straight and true. Who knew that it could take hours to get that seemingly small thing it right.

That written--I learned a lot and there is still a lot left to do--closets, my study, and the rest of the hallway. Life on the second floor of our house looks like a refugee camp. I worked a thirteen hour day today slinging wood and cutting boards.
The Office Still Needs to be Completed

It still is not done!  But what is done it beautiful.

Thanks Francis for teaching me and for giving up your weekend to work like a dog putting in the floors. Hopefully, I can pull it together and finish it off--this week.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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Bryan said...

Hey Bob, Nice work on the wood floors! It's always cool to see before and after pictures of installations like these.

I was trying to find a way to contact you, but didn't see any. Could you send me an email at bryanvu [at] builddirect [dot] com ? thanks!

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