Sunday, May 5, 2013

Just Add Summer

Yesterday's pool opening was a success--the pool is open, although not yet swimmable. I expect the pool to be balances, clear, and ready for swimming in a couple of days.

The only thing missing is summer. Or at least temperatures in the 80's.

I proved that I still have it--able to push 80 or so pounds of pool cover over my head, up a rickety attic ladder system and into the storage area in above the pool house.  For the last time! Next year I am going to rig a pulley system. I nearly fell off the ladder twice, drew blood on my shin, and had there been an OSHA inspector in the vicinity, I would have been shut down.

It is good to have the back yard view of water in anticipation of fun rather than the pool cover which signals that the fun has expired.

It was a good day to do this activity--just warm enough to wear shorts and get a sunburn, but not so hot that I was sweating.

Still--after opening the pool part of me wants to jump in the 50 something degree water.

Time is coming--all we need is sun, summer, and high temperatures.

Bring it on!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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