Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Musings - May 6, 2013

1. A dual holiday weekend has passed into the history books: May the 4th Be With You (Saturday, get it?) was the first and Cinco de Mayo (Sunday) was the second holiday celebrated..

2. Sunday was a crazy day--I was in Frederick for the Running Festival by 6:20 AM, working on the pool by noon, in a theater watching Iron Man 3 by 2:30 and then off to Wegman's for groceries.

3. Now that the pool is open, when can I go swimming.

4. The weather for the week ahead looks to be cold and rainy, again!

5. The weekend was good for my sports teams: The Orioles win two and the Pens win one. The Orioles finished an 11 game road trip  with 7 wins against 4 losses!

6. I am in sports purgatory today--none of my teams is playing.

7. On this date in 1626, what is Manhattan Island was bought by the Dutch from the Indians for a few trinkets. What a difference 400 years makes.

8. This summer promises to be a big movie summer. There are too many movies coming out to be able to see them and still enjoy summer.

9. I took Cat, my car, in for an oil change the other day and they asked me if I was getting any streaking from the windshield wipers when it rains. I told them, I don't know, I don't drive it in the rain. They decided the windshield wipers were fine.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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