Friday, May 31, 2013

Project Complete--Wood Floors Installed

The sense of satisfaction that comes with the completion of a major project has yet to set in for the all consuming wood floor project. But, I installed the last piece of quarter round last evening and we began the slow, tortuous process of reoccupying the office and clearing out the rooms that have become holding areas for the displaced items.

Actually, I do have to reinstall the closet doors in the office, but I hate doing closet doors and decided that I was too tired last evening to attempt to put them back.

The floors shine and add a new dimension to  the house and especially the upstairs. The 12 year old carpet was showing its age and needed to be replaced.

I call this shot the "money shot" because it shows the floor from farthest point to farthest point--across the hallway from bedroom to office.

Thank you to all who helped--Francis, Jeremy, Mike, Patrick, and of course my partner in projects Chris. This was truly a team effort. And thank you to Mary, Nicole, Nicole, and Tina for letting your guys spend what seemed like forever helping me with the project.

And so with a few more minutes to get the closet doors reinstalled and some final touches on moving everything back--it will be onto the next project. Of course, at some point the other two carpeted bedrooms will be converted to wood as well--but not this summer.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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