Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Budget Insanity Strikes Home

The tale of woe has finally come to rest upon the Department of Defense. Sadly, the Secretary of Defense announced yesterday mandatory furloughs for most all employees of 11 days, one day per week for eleven weeks beginning in July.

Great, I won't even be able to get a summer job!

It is a travesty that because our elected officials cannot agree on governing and budgeting for the common defense that the workers upon whom the defense of the nation rest must sacrifice again.

It is almost unconstitutional! Congress has a few specific things that they are supposed to do and they have abrogated them.

Again? Yup. It has been three years since any pay raises to maintain living standards while taxes, health care, and living continue to dramatically increase. For marginal gain, people must again suffer with no recourse except to write Congress upon who their protestations will fall upon deaf ears.

I will write, however. I urge everyone to write Congress and let them know that they have earned a failing grade in governing the country.

And they are going to ask to get reelected next year.

Do we really want more of the same? Can we afford more of the same? We need to be careful what we ask for, but I'm pretty sure what we have isn't working.

At least I'll have more time for gardening on my own nickel.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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