Wednesday, October 7, 2009


That's it. It hit me last evening as I was out shopping with Chris. She dragged me out against my will and we were in Macy's where her cover story was that she wanted to return a pair of shoes. But in fact, she wanted to buy me some new shirts because she was tired of looking at me wearing the same t-shirt around the house. Actually, one of about 4 t-shirts that I like.

There I was--in the men's clothing area when I had an epiphany. Not only do I HATE shopping for clothes, but I realized why:

I'm a twenty-something trapped in a fifty-something's body!

I want to wear the hot, young fashions--but I would look ridiculous. You've seen them around--the near fifty-somethings wearing the teenager style shirts and jeans. It is not pretty!

I think my daughter calls it: age appropriate attire or something like that.

While in Charlottesville last weekend we saw a couple adorned in earrings and youthful clothes trying to hide their years of experience. It wasn't an enjoyable sight to behold.

So I should dress my age?


And just after having a birthday too--no wonder this is still on my mind.

So as I sit here this morning, screaming out at the world because I'm older I take stock of the situation. It is pretty dismal!

I'm actually here at my computer this morning and not playing racquetball because my elbow is sore and I don't know why. I decided, in a moment of incredible rational thought, to give it a rest after my league match was canceled last night. What a concept. I never had elbow problems as a twenty-something and I played racquetball five times per week!

I'm wearing glasses so I can see the computer screen! I have 20/15 vision for anything farther away than eight feet! Used to be able to see up close, too.

I have a sore muscle in my right leg, too! Don't know where that came from!

I was in bed by 10pm last night--not the 1 am of my youth!

Hmmm--then it is true--I am definitely trapped!

I wonder if there is a way out?

Anyone? Ideas?

Yeah, I know--get over it. It happens to us all. Embrace it.

Really? I don't have many options, so I guess I need to embrace where I am and play smarter, not harder. And live smarter, not harder.

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