Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Leaves, Grass, and Autumn Lawn Mowing

I mowed the lawn last evening after work. While this doesn't in itself seem to be of any great consequence--it was an experience. We have a bagger for the mower to help keep the grass clippings off the lawn because, well, the track into the house and make a mess.

Yesterday, because the fallen leaves of autumn were all around on the ground, the bagger wasn't even making it once around the yard. It significantly increased the amount of time necessary to complete the relatively simple task of mowing. At one point I was very frustrated with the leaves and the expense of time. It was getting cool in the evening air as I was mowing and I really wanted to finish.

It is amazing how the lawns seem to change with the seasons. We change the height of the mower to accommodate the differences in the grass. And I really have to enjoy mowing in the autumn, because I never really know when the last mow of the season will occur. Usually, here in Maryland it is sometime in November.

But you never know--it is weather dependent.

Somehow, I think the snow is coming!


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