Thursday, October 22, 2009

Conference Week

This is the week I am hosting the annual conference at work. We had over 170 people sign up and that is a huge logistical effort trying to keep the agenda moving and ensure the support for all of the attendees.

Tomorrow--Friday is the last day. Yay.

I have had a lot of help again this year and I really understand how much teamwork is necessary to pull a three-day conference off.

The agenda was pretty well constructed--but as always--there are last minute changes and adjustments.

I dread conference week every year. It is a lot of work and planning and the execution requires a lot of team work. But mostly it is a lot of work and a lot to keep straight and make sure it looks effortless even though it is a lot of effort.

It is good to reconnect with old friends though.

I guess I should embrace the opportunity to plan and execute the conference--but all I see is the mountain of work--which is now almost over!


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