Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jefferson and Monticello

Well, I finally got to visit Charlottesville, VA and Monticello. It was well worth the visit and there is so much to do there.

This picture is my favorite--it is of course the famous nickle view (which is the back of the house) but I shot it through some flowers to frame it a bit.

The house is well furnished and really is a testament to Jefferson and the enlightened person he was--as a scientist and a political figure.

The front of the house is very different. Most people don't realize it. As with most places they did not allow pictures inside-which is too bad because there is a lot of neat stuff in there.

The gardens and paths are absolutely beautiful. We thoroughly enjoyed walking around the grounds and looking around at the fascinating things. Of the five historical sites we visited--this one is by far the best and most complete. It is also the most expensive, but well worth the money.
Along the paths, Chris was able to capture this hummingbird doing its routine. The bird stayed in place for quite some time.
I definitely recommend a visit to Monticello--as part of a day or weekend in Charlottesville. Allow at least four hours to fully enjoy the place.

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