Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Musings - October 12, 2009

1. I do not understand why schools do not celebrate Federal Holidays! Our schools get Yom Kippur and Rosh Hosanna off, but not Columbus Day or Veterans Day. I think this is a problem.

2. Explain this to me--why do parents of special needs children believe they are entitled to services which rob other children of basic educational needs? I mean--some special needs children seem to get incredible amounts of support, yet the normal children are essentially paying for these services and resources by having to make do with less.

3. My wife really created the perfect birthday present for me with the weekend escape to Charlottesville. Thanks Chris--and good job. I only hope I can be a creative with your birthday.

4. Why do I seem to work harder on holidays than non-holidays? With the help of Patrick and Tina the wood pile is now split firewood, stacked and ready to burn! BTW--I also played a racquetball match today and my back is a mess from everything I did.

5. Nicole and Mike returned from France tonight. Wow. I am so happy for them getting to get a weekend in Paris! I hope you had fun--and I am sure you did.

6. Passport? We don't need no stinking passports. OK--I'm going to get one. Really! 'Cause I want to travel. Look out Bonaire--here I come.

7. What a great month October is--baseball playoffs, football is in full swing, hockey is rolling! Wow.

8. Think about this---the World Series with Los Angeles Dodgers vs the New York Yankees! Joe Torre does NY!!! It could happen unless the Angels save us from another Yankee coronation.

9. Wow it was cold today! Can I move someplace warmer?

10. Holidays. Enjoy them! The seasons seem to move faster and faster--they are a blur. If only we could stop for a minute and hold onto the memories and the relationships we have adn expand them on each holiday.

11. Priorities. Think about it. So many of us have them really messed up. We don;t seem to recognize the importance of family--and family seems to drop lower and lower because they are always there. Strangers even begin to move higher in our priorities than our family. What is wrong with this picture?

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