Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Niagara Falls Day Trip

The majesty and magnificence of some of the natural wonders of the world continue to awe me--even though I've seen them and enjoyed them before.

Who cannot be awed by the sheer volume of water rushing over the falls of Niagara?

Although I experienced the falls from the base aboard the Maid of the Mist on other occasions, it never ceases to remind me of how insignificant I am when compared to the grandeur of the planet and its natural raw power. And beauty. And trust me--I'm no beauty!

The day, however, was idyllic. The sky was generally clear and while cool--it was not cold. We were able to enjoy the first hints of autumn colors on the leaves along the falls with the other visitors.
And consider for a moment the Maid of the Mist--the boats that take visitors close to the base of the falls to enjoy the sheer power and magnitude of the rushing water. Standing on the deck of these small ships in the middle of the falls. It can only be imagined. Although the whole trip lasts only about 20 minutes--start to finish, it seems much longer when you are actually at the falls admiring them.
So take time--admire the beauty around you--in your own backyard or where ever you travel. Get off the beaten path (a/k/a interstate) and checkout the sights. There is a lot to see and to enjoy.
I was struck by our conversation in the car--which went something like:
"I cant believe we are going so slow"
"Don't they drive faster?"
"Aren't these old stately homes beautiful?"
"Are we there yet?"
"Does it matter how fast we drive--we are just going to get to the airport and wait!"
We have all become victims of the hurry up and get there philosophy. So what if a 90 mile trip took over two hours with no stops?
The sights along the way were well worth the price of admission.

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