Friday, April 17, 2009

Teams and Rain and Expectations

Ever notice that when the weather is rainy, gray, and overcast that people begin to notice the weather and it affects them in a negative manner? Like, for instance, the past three days have been nothing but rain and gray, and unseasonable cold temperatures. People are sluggish and moving and sometimes thinking slowly.

Team leaders need to be sensitive to weather effects on their teams. Leaders tend to be highly charged people who on most days probably don't even notice the weather--and this can become a source of frustration when dealing with their teams.

Leaders need to find ways to interact with the sluggish team members and help them overcome the effects of the weather. Charge them up--without turning them off. Help them spin up to speed and obtain the high energy that you have.

So what is a leader to do when confronted with a lethargic team on a high energy day?

First, begin to ramp the energy level up so they team rises to meet you.

Second, allow them the opportunity to rise on their own up to your expectations--but expect them to meet you.

Finally, recognize--people are affected by weather. Adjust your activity and expectations.

Success means recognizing the capabilities and limitations of your team as well as understanding the impact of outside influences.

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