Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pool Opening - 2009

The cover came off the pool yesterday. Now the work begins.

Ugh! I can't believe how much work I have to do on the pool this year. Old pools require lots of maintenance. It doesn't look like the picture from 2008 yet, but it will.

The water looks good. And I got the pump going. The new motor is purring. But the pollen. I read that the tree pollen is up over 1800 whatever (parts per ga-zillion or something like that). Everything is covered with a yellow dust--my truck, Chris' car, the surface of the water.

But--summer is approaching and the pool party season is already lined up and ready to begin. We have three pool parties already scheduled.

I worked last night until after dark with the lights on in the pool until I had made the water so cloudy I couldn't see.

But I keep looking at the pictures of fun from last season and i know it is all worth it.

Watching Makayla yesterday as I worked was a joy. The funniest thing happened after the cover was off and she was standing next to me while I was working with the vacuum. She got startled and backed up into the deep end. She was clinging to the top of the wall with her front paws--while her back end was all wet. It was a funny moment for me--but I could tell from the look in her eyes that she didn't find it funny, so instead of getting a camera I pulled her to safety.

Pools. Do they have doggie life-guards?

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