Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Musings - April 27th

After a glorious weekend, who could possibly be upset about anything!

1. I love 90 degree days--bring it on!

2. A weekend at a hotel on a harbor while attending a Food and Wine Festival is a great way to kick-off the summer run.

3. Picnics in the living room are a unique way to enjoy variety in life.

4. The grass grows faster when April showers are followed by 90 degree temperatures.

5. It's fun to argure about mowing the grass when we both WANT to mow! Wait until August when the loser GETS to mow!

6. The problem with staying in a hotel near a harbor? Now I want a boat! A big boat! What on earth am I going to do with a boat?

7. The trees are getting green with leaves--wow, maybe summer isn't that far off!

8. How is a puppy supposed to learn sit, wait, stay, down, roll-over, leave-it, take-it, and come if I can't keep them straight? It makes my head spin.

9. Safety tip: do not tie a puppy outside on a leash that she can chew through! (Chris!) Cost? $27 for new leash!

10. Tires do not last forever and when they get out of balance, it can make the ride a real problem, like yesterday coming back from St. Michaels at no more that 60 MPH. I thought the passenger in the car was going to have a melt down. But the wobble at 65 was awful. Thank goodness for full-size spares.

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