Thursday, April 16, 2009

Makayla's Surgery Journey

Well, I dropped off the wonder puppy this morning for her surgery. She is having her female parts altered to prevent off-spring. Puppies are fun but they are a lot of work, especially in multiples of like five or six. And then you need to find homes. Yeah! And worming them is always fun.

I'm not too amused at the vet--because they were supposed to micro-chip her as well, but I just got a call that they are out of micro-chips. I suggested they get one form another store and was informed that that was not possible due to the way they are ordered. So we get to return for more puppy adjustments later.

It is amazing how inefficient the vet is in processing dogs into the center for surgery. There are incredible mountains of paperwork to fill out and then--the add on questions. Trim her nails? Express her anal glands? Use some new surgical technique? Micro-chip? It was worse than buying a car.

I'm surprised they didn't want to add a USB port to facilitate future programming changes.

But all-in-all, Makayla was brave when I dropped her off. Of course she was playing with two full-grown black labs when they came for her.

We really didn't even get to say good-bye and I didn't get to reassure her that I would be back for her.

I wonder if that is important for puppies.

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