Thursday, April 9, 2009

Knowing: Movie Review

Took some of our precious Spring Break time to see the movie Knowing. We had thought it looked intriguing and wanted to see at least one current movie during Spring Break.

The movie is directed by Alex Proyas and stars Nicolas Cage and Chandler Canterbury.

The movie has a lot of promise as it begins. The plot is well developed and quickly pulls the viewer into it. A time capsule is opened 50 years after it is buried at an elementary school and there are troubling signs in the numbers on the sheet given to one boy that ultimately predict the end of the earth.

OK--it is a great start and a good story. The acting is good--not great but good. The story compelling as all of the pierces come together including the daughter and grand daughter of the girl who wrote the numbers on the paper 50 years ago. The interaction of the actors and characters is very good and the movement along the plot if compelling.

But let me tell you this--the ending is poor. Beautiful, Hollywood grand style, but a cheap movie trick. Yes it is set up at the beginning of the movie--but any movie that ends this way (and there are a lot lately) just is not a good movie. here are so many other ways to end movies other than resorting to this type of ending.

RECOMMENDATION: MUST MISS. There is no reason to see this movie unless you have absolutely nothing else to do. The ending is just bad. And I was left wondering if the movie producers believe I have any intelligence at all.

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