Saturday, April 25, 2009

Picnic Dinner in a Tent in the Living Room

There we were--the three (or was it four) of us gathered under a blanket strewn across chairs (representing a tent) for our evening meal of Chik-fil-A. Ethan wanted to eat in a tent, so E and Grandma, Poppop, and (briefly) Makayla gathered to share the evening meal.

Some observations:

Eating on the floor is fun if you are a dog--and it is actually too close to the dogs. Makayla had to be removed from the room to allow the dinner to continue.

A blanket across chairs is a good representation of a tent--and guess what? No bugs!

As this was a late dinner--after Makayla's puppy class, we were hungry.

Telephones really put a damper on meals--it rang twice.

The benefits of picnic meals in the living room? No ants! Easy of clean-up, and of course pack-up of all the materials is simple.

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