Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Plumbing--Do it yourself, or not?

Well, I have successfully forayed into the world of plumbing again--and lived to tell the tale.

The water heater thermostats keep resetting--meaning the water is getting too hot--so I decided to replace them.

Oh, and did I mention the toilet? It wouldn't stop running?

Well--I fixed the toilet and then proceeded to swap out the thermostats on the water heater. I was also going to replace the heating elements--but they wouldn't budge with the tool I had on hand--so I'm going to Home Depot for reinforcements later. A large socket to get the proper leverage to remove them!

Well I did remember to turn off the electricity AND I also remembered to drain the water heater. Both important safety steps.

So while the water heater is technically fixed--it is not completely fixed.

And the toilet works--

A good evening's work!

On to the pool house to turn on the water for the summer--but that is a story for another day

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