Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reconnecting at Christmas

Christmas, with its hope and promise provides an opportunity when people can begin the process of reconnecting. As we live each day of the year, things happen in real time that in retrospect needed more perspective. Relationships get torn apart or maybe just grow cold from lack of contact. Christmas is one of those seasons when we can and should pause, and reflect on where we've been and why.

I've written before that I believe relationships are the most important aspect of living. First and foremost--our relationship with God is critical. As is our relationship with our self. Are we happy with who we are. But, when you get right down to it, it is in the relationships with others around us that we can find joy and happiness.

Sometimes it is joy and happiness reflected back at us as others interact with us. Sometimes it is joy directed at us in our times of greatest need.

Yeah--I know it is not all roses and mush. There are some really hard times and we, each of us, deal with some really difficult issues and situations. And as we are walking along the path of our life--sometimes we feel alone, or in the dark. Yet, most times as we look back once the dark period is over, we see how others picked us up and helped us through--and in that is the joy.

Find a broken or cold relationship and reconnect. It may be your relationship with God that needs to be kick-started, or with someone in your family, or a former friend. Share the spirit of the season with them.

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