Thursday, December 4, 2008

Disney Day 3 - Sea World

What a great day with the exception of the transportation from and to Sea World.

It was a cold morning with frost on the grass. But once it warmed it was fabulous. Sea World is a must visit. The pace is slower than Disney and the exhibits are devoted to the planet and our relationship with the sea.

The Shark aquarium is a definite place to visit. I wish I could dive it someday.

One of the highlights was feeding the dolphins and the underwater viewing. I had never seen dolphins playing with bubble rings before. Much like smoke rings they blow them and play with them. I have pictures.

Chris, Nicole, Ethan, and Mike actually fed and got to touch dolphins. It was way cool.

The shows were awesome too. Shamu did not disappoint. A seal show was really fun to watch.

The arctic display was one of the best. In a recreation of the top of the earth the aurora borealis was used to highlight the beluga whales.

This place is a must visit.

More on the end of day luau later.
Bob Doan
Elkridge, MD
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