Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Cards and Reconnecting

One of the greatest traditions of Christmas is the Christmas card. It provides a means whereby people can reconnect. It kinda flies against the trend of the fast paced, all in it for yourself lifestyles that many of us are living.

Taking some time to think about friends and family and remember the good times.

Christmas cards have been around for about 150 years according to the website devoted to Christmas cards. Although they were created as a means to expedite greetings to friends at Christmas-time, we must be careful not to reduce them to another piece of spam email. There needs to be something personal about the greeting, or the value and meaning is reduced.

We continue to write out each address by hand and sign each card by hand--to reinforce the personal nature of the greeting. It is way to easy for the gesture to be reduced to a mass production effort

I received my usual Holiday greeting from The White House this year as well as my favorite baseball team the Orioles. I love opening the greeting from The White House (which was postmarked Crawford, Texas) every year. It makes me feel like I have contact with the leadership of the country.

I wonder if I'll be on President-elect Obama's list next year.

I'm just happy to be on your Christmas card list--because, it is really all about the relationships and the friends. The best cards are from the people we know and love, because we know what is in their hearts.

Merry Christmas (OK, not politically correct, but I wrote it anyway)

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