Saturday, December 6, 2008

Flying Home

It's over. Six days in Disney and we successfully navigated the process to checkout and made it to the airport.

We are on board AirTran flight 467 to Baltimore cruising somewhere over the Carolinas. Jax is asleep in Chis' arms and E is chillin' with his Dad in the row in front of me.

I got tired of playing poker on my blackberry so I thought I'd jot a couple more notes.

The time flew by. Incredibly it went by fast.

We hear the temp at home is 19 degrees. And to think yesterday I was laying in the sun soaking up rays by the pool for an afternoon nap. And it was awesome. Why can't I move to Key West?

I noticed something at the airport today. Mass confusion. Traveling with small children and gwtting through security and onto an airplane is no trivial event.

Think about people who do not fly all the time trying to navigate security. Yeah, I saw some today who didn't even know they needed to have their ID out to begin the process. Talk about overload. And there aren't a lot of signs to help.

And it seems people need to attend a class and get certifien in getting on board an airplane. They stand in the aisle for minutes trying to get their bags up or figure out who is sitting where. Plan a bit. Get out of the way. Same on the way out.

But we are beginning our descent back to the real world.

I guess the magic is gone or maybe itis still there and we just can't see it around us.

But the magic is still there. We carry it in our hearts to pick us up one those dark, cold winter days and remind us of places we've been and fun we've had.

Bob Doan
Elkridge, MD
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