Saturday, December 6, 2008

Disney - The Saga Continues

Well I left our intrepid travelers feasting on a luau on Wednesday night.

Thursday and Friday turned into classic Disney adventures. We covered parts of three parks during these days and there was always another ride to ride or another attraction to do.

The highlights? Expedition Everest a way cool roller coaster in the Animal Kingdom. It is the first coaster I have ridden which changed direction from forward to backward and then back to forward.

Another highlight? The excitement in Ethan's voice as he was explaining the ride Soarin to chris before she was about to get on. He had just ridden it and was stoked about doing it again. The ride is at Epcot. And it is truly an inspiring experience.

A low light? How fat Americans are becoming. But I'm planning a special rant blog about that soon. But I will tell you it really hits home that we are becoming a culture of incredibly obese people.

Rating the Polynesian Resort. Great location adjacent to the ticket and transportation center. We generally waked there than picking up the monorail at the resort.

A must do? The meal plan. Definitely worth it. But people who like to plan their lives out in advance will do better than we did. Reservations are almost impossible to get same day or even same week.

Most magical moment. Watching Chris on Main Street USA at night with snow falling as part of Mickey's Magical Christmas Party. Oh yes. And Silver Bells playing on the speakers.

Second most magical. The look in Ethan's eyes when Wendy kissed him.
There is a lot more and I have some cool pictures to add when we get home.

See ya soon

Bob Doan
Elkridge, MD
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