Monday, December 29, 2008

Marley & Me: A Review

I had the pleasure of viewing Marley & Me today as part of our Christmas vacation relaxation.

Now you need to understand--I am a sucker for dog movies. And this one is no exception. I love dog movies and this one especially hit home as I have just received a puppy for Christmas.

The movie is a joy to watch and is creative and funny. The acting is excellent--Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston in the leads. The children are cute and age appropriately during the movie.

So what is the movie about? The people who surround a rambunctious dog and we follow them throughout the dog's life. The movie is based upon a book written by John Grogan titled Marley & Me. John Grogan is also the name of the lead character in the movie.

David Frankel directs this movie and does a great job with the subject. The movie is funny and tender. It appeals the animal love in all of us and anyone who has owned a dog will be able to relate to the movie. The movie is not so much about the dog as it is about the family that tries to co-exist with the dog. The movie is about life. The ups and downs. The joys and the pain. The end of the movie brough back memories of all of my old and long gone dog friends and made me realize how lucky I was to have been able to share my life with them and all that each of them taught me.

RECOMMENDATION: See this movie if you love animals. See this movie if you want to get in touch with your inner self. You will probably cry--tears of both sadness and joy.

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