Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Before Christmas

There is an excitement as the last week before Christmas dawns. And there is panic too.

Are the presents bought?
Are they wrapped?
Are they in the mail?
Have the internet purchases been delivered?

Ugh!! there is too much to do!

And we have three parties tomorrow night that we need to attend.

And more shopping to get out of the way.

And the dog. Did you remember to feed the dog?  Do we even have a dog anymore, I haven't seen him in weeks?  Where is the dog?  What did the dog look like when we last saw him?  Was the dog a  him or a her? When did the dog become a cat?

Peace on Earth is all wrapped up in how much we are doing to please others and make them happy. It is the gift of ourselves to others and it is most noticable at this time of year as we prepare to recieve the gift that God sent to us--His Son.

I go back to Galatians 4:4--sent at the perfect time all part of God's plan.

May you find some peace in your life as you celebrate Christmas.

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