Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Saga of my Pick-up Truck

Well--I own a 2000 GMC Sonoma with about 114,000 miles on it. I have owned it since December and I bought it with about 109,000 miles on it--after my 1998 GMC Sonoma (note the trend here) was stolen and subsequently totalled in Georgia. A long story for another day.

One day in late April, my oil pump decided to significantly reduce the oil being delivered to my engine--and since the light did not come on I did not notice the reduced oil flow until after the engine was toasted. Estimate for a new engine? $4,000. But, wait! For some seemingly unexplained reason I had purchased a high mileage vehicle warranty from CARCHEX serviced by Warranty America. And behold, since I had the vehicle for only 4,000 miles or so they actually covered the repair to the engine. My new outlay (for all the not covered stuff) about $1,000. I am having new parts installed instead of transferred from the old engine--(like the water pump, plugs, spark plug wires, etc) so it will be a new engine essentially with a 100,000 mile warranty.

Only problem is that they have used every means possible to slow roll and delay the repair process. So here it is, 16 days after my breakage and the engine was only finally delivered to my repair facility last evening. And then, it was not complete. For some unexplained reason there was no oil pump delivered with the engine--which is the part that failed and started the whole process.

So--the aftermarket service warranty is nice, but be ready for them to try to get out of the coverage. This is it--insurance companies are not in the business to pay out claims! They are in business to make money. If you buy a service policy for your vehicle, be ready to t document everything--they even did a test on my oil, in addition to an on site inspection, in addition to asking for service records. It has been a process, but (and I do not actually have possession of my truck yet) if it works out I will have a truck with an essentially new engine and still have coverage on my transmission for another 95,000 miles. So maybe it'll work out, but it's been a trial so far.

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