Monday, May 5, 2008

Energized Worship

We had an awesome worship experience this week at the church we are attending. It was Youth Sunday and worship was led by about 100 of the most energized for Christ youths I have seen in a long time. They led the worship service and their energy and love for the Lord were infectious. Their energy filled the about 1000 people who had come to worship yesterday morning. It was God-filled. It was a God moment.

I was excited about worship yesterday because of the energy and passion of the youth. How great it was to see teenagers, many of them seniors in high school, excited about God. And sure enough of their faith to share it with adults. Wow. I want some of that.

In contrast, I have been confronted with adults who seem to be going through the motions or are more concerned about form than substance. Maybe substance grows from form, but I'm not so sure. Some worship teams seem to be focused upon the technical aspects of worship rather than being concerned whether the people in the congregation had a God moment. Did the people, for a short time during the Sunday service, have an moment with God that will help them through the week ahead--be it good or bad. Some small moment that reminds them, and us, that God is there and that He cares about us.

God moments can happen anytime--during prayer, during singing, during scripture reading, during the message, while walking outside on a bright sunny morning, or even while watching your grandson play with caterpillars on a bright Sunday afternoon next to the pool. But it is in Church that we need to help people experience God moments so they can recognize them and continue to experience them in their lives. We need to have a personal relationship with God and through God moments we are reminded that God too, wants to have a personal relationship with us. I think it is hard for worship leaders and teams to keep their focus on being the vessels that God is using to touch other people. It is easy to worry that the guitar was too loud, or the music too fast, or something else was right or wrong forgetting to assess the impact on the congregation.

Am I saying worship teams should not strive for technical excellence? No. What I am saying is that when the pursuit of technical excellence displaces the enthusiasm associated with being God-focused vessels then we are impeding God's use of us in His plan. Be on fire for God. Work and refine the gifts and talents that God has given you, but remember they are from God and he will use them for His purpose. And what is His purpose? To strengthen and encourage the Body of Christ, which is the Church.

And most of all--be enthusiastic. Do everything knowing that God is working through you. And He will touch people where He needs to touch them in God moments.

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