Friday, May 9, 2008

Iron Man - the Movie

Went to the movies last night. We used to be busy on Thursday nights, but or lives have changed a bit and we are now free. It was really nice to see a movie and have the theater mostly to ourselves.

The movie was Iron Man and it was great. The acting was strong, the special effects were not over done, and the action was sufficient for a comic book hero but still allowed for character development and a good story line too. The movie was a good update to the story for the current time period.

The cast was strong with Robert Downey Jr leading the way supported strongly by Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrance Howard, Shaun Toub, and (the actor we knew but couldn't name until the end) Jeff Bridges.

The movie is a great ride and very entertaining. There were ZERO "watch looks" during the movie. (What is a watch look? How many times I look at my watch to see if the movie is going to be over soon, I hope). And the pace of the action was well done. Techno geeks will enjoy the computers. I wish I had a couple of his. And the robot with the fire extinguisher is especially funny.

Thoroughly enjoyable. WARNING: There is a gratuitous sex scene and some bad language in one place. Of course--people die and there is violence.

Rating: Highly recommend--see now in theaters, buy when it comes out on DVD. You might even want to see it a couple of times in the theater.

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