Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Truck--the story continues

Guess what? No truck.

I am told at least the engine is installed and running. It was out for a road test yesterday. So, hopefully we are getting close to having a truck.

This has been especially painful. My engine broke down on April 29th. Twenty-four long days ago. That seems a bit long to me to get a repair done--but the almost two weeks that the insurance company took to process and accept the claim, then the almost week it took to ship the engine really added a lot to the timeline.

I was supposed to have an emissions inspection done by May 21st--fortunately, I remembered and had the State of Maryland grant an extension. It is hard to get an inspection done when there is no truck to take to the inspection station. Ugh!

But I am told that today will be the day--barring any other unforseen problems. At the end of it all I think the truck will be better than it was when I got it to replace my other truck.

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