Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Continuing Saga of my Truck

So--it has been a week! Do I have my truck? No. Do I think I will ever see my truck again--even with a new engine? Yeah--but it sure has been painful and required a lot of follow-up to pull it off. I thought I was getting it back on Monday. Then it was yesterday. Now, supposedly, I will see my truck today.

It is not that I mind driving, Kitty, my Jaguar. But, it is not an everyday car and I really need to do some work on the air handling system. I have hot air when its hot out and cold air when its cold. Hmmmmm. I will say the air conditioning works great with the sun roof open and the windows down, although I can't carry on a conversation on my cell phone because of the wind.

Well--good things come to those who wait--but this is getting a bit extreme. That written, I now know when I will be replacing my truck--May 2009 as my graduation gift to myself for Patrick finally getting out of college.

It should be a great day.

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