Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cold Beach Day Activities

Lucas enjoying the cold water
What activities can be done on cold, but not rainy, beach days? Well, it turns out almost anything goes. With the air temperature in the 50's and the water temperature approaching 60 degrees it can make for a short beach day--especially if the boys get wet.

Ethan Mimicking an Entertainer

First, there just has to be a sojourn to the beach regardless of the temperature. That is why the trip was made in the first place. And if boys are on the beach, boys are going to get into the water, no matter the temperature--and that makes for a short beach visit because soon after, chills and cold set in.

Then there is always lunch at a local establishment, in this case Tequila Mockingbird. Ethan decided to steal my Orioles Cap and mimic his favorite musical entertainer.  Don't let his Dad see this picture.
Chris, Ethan, Jackson in the Beach

Following lunch there can be a movie or possibly miniature golf. We actually did both activities during our weekend to the beach. Be careful though, playing a 27 hole miniature golf course in the cold wind can be as painful as being on the beach. Add three boys, short attention spans, and undeveloped skills and my recommendation is not to keep score after about hole 6. I guarantee that at least one ball will be lost during play.

During the afternoons, well, back to the beach for a walk and playing in the sand. Keeping the boys out of the water will make this event last longer and seem more enjoyable.

For evening activity? Get out away from the kids at a local watering hole, or watch an Orioles game on TV. wishing that it was warm enough for a long, romantic evening walk on the beach.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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